Pedestrian crossings in high-traffic areas can pose a very dangerous situation. It is precisely to address this issue that at MPM, we have developed the Door Pedestrian 150 Safe Way, our innovative pedestrian crossing gate equipped with a sensor and automatic closure.

The Safe Way system is highly intuitive and equally effective. Thanks to the adjustable wall-mounted sensor, our DP 150 Safe Way can detect approaching vehicular traffic and, in the presence of a detected danger, automatically close the gate until the vehicle is stationary or moves away from the door. The DP 150 Safe Way is equipped with a practical light signal that indicates the closing status of the door: the green light signals that the gate is unlocked, while the red light indicates the mechanical lock and therefore the presence of an approaching vehicle.

In the event that a dangerous vehicle is detected, the sensor will be able to recognize it. In such a situation, the electric lock will automatically block, preventing the gate from opening until the vehicle is no longer a threat. The sensor, highly advanced and sensitive, can distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles to avoid unintentional closures.

The Safe Way sensor is adjustable at will to allow the detection of vehicular traffic in desired areas and is directly connected to the electrical system of your warehouse. The entire Safe Way apparatus is already correctly installed in the door leaf of the Door Pedestrian.

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