Steel vs plastic


The unexpected is always lurking; Especially when there are moving loads or there is high vehicular traffic.

A small calculation error, a quick distraction and a thousand other reasons can be the cause of an accident that can compromise the safety of the people involved, but also the integrity of the machinery and nearby infrastructure.
Fortunately, it is now common practice to secure warehouses and transit areas with appropriate protections. Every company, small or large, sooner or later has to deal with the choice of which protections to use to secure its facilities. Initially, out of habit and familiarity, the choice of industrial iron protections could come naturally.

Yet there is a more suitable solution!

protezioni flessibili

Steel Protections

The best known, most common and widespread solution for protecting warehouses, but is it the best one?

Protections in metal are rigid and transfer the energy of the impact to the ground. This may not seem so significant until you take into account that:

  • The deformation after a collision is permanent and the entire protection must be replaced to maintain its effectiveness;
  • There is a need for more maintenance, as the material rusts and requires periodic repainting;
  • The rigid structure of these protections causes a strong backlash on the driver and damages the vehicles in the event of an impact;
  • The kinetic energy of a shock is not dissipated properly, causing the protection and flooring to break;

Polymer Protections

The MPM barriers in Reflex, Reflex Alpha and Frostex polymer guarantee resistance and flexibility over time.

Compared to less advanced protections in metal:

  • The protections created with our special polymer are designed to flex and absorb any shock, returning to their original shape;
  • The kinetic energy is not transferred to the operator and the vehicle, but dissipated without collateral damage. This gives our barriers the ability to withstand more shocks;
  • Flexible barriers save the flooring, preventing the breakage of fixings, and safeguard the protected areas from damage;
  • Its distinctive bright yellow colour gives the protection high visibility over time, without the need for repainting.

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