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We design solutions able to respond to the challenges that are faced daily in warehouses, logistics areas and working environments.

With experience and extreme care we are committed to responding to your real needs and helping you make your workplace a place where the risk of an accident is nothing more than a memory.

Protecting the safety of your workers and the integrity of your facilities is our goal.

protezioni industriali MPM

Industrial protections​

MPM designs and manufactures industrial protections for the safety of work environments, wherever there is the movement of vehicles, goods and people. 

Our protections preserve the safety of workers and guarantee savings in maintenance costs on infrastructures and machinery.

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Our solutions

Discover the advantages offered by MPM

Choosing MPM protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient working environment. MPM protections make it possible to avoid accidents in work areas, obtaining the maximum return on the company’s investments in shelving and machinery.

Easy to assemble, efficient, adaptable and reliable. Learn about our safety solutions and how they can help you protect what you care about.

Product categories

Explore the various categories and discover the products available to find the protection system that best suits your needs. Together with our experts, we will study the best solution to help you make your business safer and eliminate the risks of accidental collision.

Write to the MPM team for any questions or support requests!

Areas of application

MPM safety solutions can be adapted to the safety needs of several application sectors. Discover the products that best suit your sector and find the most suitable protection system. For support, please contact our team; you will be assisted step by step.


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