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We firmly believe that a safe warehouse is more effective, profitable and serene one. That’s why for us at MPM ensuring the safety and efficiency of your warehouse is a priority.

MPM industrial barriers have been specifically designed to ensure maximum safety and protection of your warehouse. That’s why our solutions offer numerous advantages:

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Ease of installation

Our warehouse protections are designed for easy installation. Thanks to their functional design and modular structure, protective barriers can be quickly installed without significant interruption of operations. This means you can protect your warehouse quickly and efficiently, without having to deal with long downtimes.

Impact resistance

The warehouse guards are made of highly impact-resistant materials. Their flexible structure absorbs impacts from forklifts, pallet trucks or other moving equipment within the warehouse, minimising damage to shelves, walls and to the goods themselves. This means that our protections not only safeguard personnel, but also valuable equipment and goods.

Savings on maintenance costs

Due to their flexibility and impact resistance, MPM protectors require minimal repair interventions or replacement after collisions. This results in significant savings on maintenance costs in the long run, allowing you to focus resources on other critical areas of the warehouse.

Personnel safety

The safety of your employees is an absolute priority for us. MPM flexible protections create a protective barrier between work areas and transit zones, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents. This helps ensure the safety of the personnel, minimising the chances of injury and creating a safe and protected working environment.

Driving visibility element

Our flexible barriers not only offer protection, but also serve as a driving visibility element within the warehouse. Their highly visible profile makes it easy to locate different zones, promoting better organisation and optimising workflow efficiency.

This means that our barriers not only protect people and goods, but also help make the warehouse more orderly and efficient.

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