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MPM wants to be the answer, at a global level, for those looking for innovation and effectiveness in terms of safety. We believe in our know-how, the result of extensive experience in the field of engineering plastics and safety barriers. For us, quality is an inevitable element in all the processing phases and in our products. Today, we develop the safety solutions of your tomorrow.


We seek to be the partner you rely on to find the solution to your safety needs.

About us

We are a team of professionals who in forty years of experience has made competence and dedication, together with high-level technologies and materials, the foundation of the quality of MPM products. The company, dynamic and enterprising, was born in the garage of the Mason family in 1985, manufacturing profiles for third parties and for its own catalogue, placing itself at the service of the most demanding entrepreneurs in the plastic extrusion sector.
Our experience has led us to understand the needs of the market and our partners, giving us the inspiration to enter into the world of technical polymer protections.
Products that today are our crown jewel, which have made the MPM name renowned the world over.
But our story of Made in Italy excellence certainly does not end here. We are always working to continue to offer you safety solutions that are truly effective and that respond to the real needs that are encountered every day in the workplace.

Mpm protections
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All MPM products are designed and manufactured in-house by a team of technicians and experts. We believe in maintaining a constant dialogue with customers and professionals, being a source of inspiration for the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.

MPM design


Designing safety solutions is the company’s core business. The extensive experience in the sector allows us to offer products that meet the highest quality standards.

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Thanks to our network of distributors and dealers, we now sell our safety systems in more than 70 countries worldwide. Distribution reactivity and efficiency are the keys to our success, and the satisfaction of our customers is the best confirmation of this strategy.

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Our solutions

Choosing MPM protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient working environment. MPM protections make it possible to avoid accidents in work areas, obtaining the maximum return on the company’s investments in shelving and machinery.

Green MPM

At MPM we believe in a safer future, from every point of view.
This is why we are committed to making our production flows increasingly sustainable.
We are a “closed loop” company. We are connected to a network of external companies that allow us to eliminate waste from our production chain, recycling any excess from processing to give it new life.



green initiative
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Our products are made of 100% recyclable and non-toxic material. We are committed to ensuring that nothing is wasted and that every product of the production is reused in our production cycle or properly managed by our partners.

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In addition, all the water used in our production cycle is recycled internally so as not to pollute the environment and to maximise the use of this extremely precious resource.

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Our state-of-the-art warehouses and production facilities at our headquarters in Santa Giustina in Colle, in the province of Padua, are powered by the energy generated by our solar panel system that we have installed to reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe that investing in the planet is the best way to live safer!

Stay connected to discover our other initiatives to become greener to help the future to always be a little safer!