Shuttle anticollision


Our SHUTTLE can alert you to potential collisions around corners. It can detect incoming traffic from both directions, and if there’s a likelihood of a collision, it will notify you with audible and visual signals.

It can identify all types of moving objects, from the largest to the smallest. The audible and visual signals are designed to be immediately recognizable and stand out amidst the typical warehouse noise.

The device is equipped with sensors. It can be installed on metal shelf supports thanks to its magnetic fastenings or can be wall-mounted with simple fixings. For optimal use, we recommend installation at a height of at least 2 meters.

The perfect use of this innovative tool is to avoid collisions at 90° blind corners in areas with vehicular traffic. Thanks to its distinctive yellow color, it is easily noticeable. The device operates on batteries. When a battery change is needed, the device will signal it with an intermittent acoustic signal.

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