Reflex and frostex


Our industrial safety systems are meticulously designed to prevent possible accidents and protect structures, machinery, environments and people.

Every part is studied in detail, starting from the composition of the material.


Flexible protections in technical polymer: REFLEX

REFLEX is a technopolymer with a unique blend, designed and stored in our Research and Innovation laboratory by a team of experts with forty years of experience in the field of plastic materials.

Thanks to its particular molecular density, REFLEX distributes energy over the entire length of the protection that flexes and returns to its original shape. 

The excellent properties of the material allow the protections to absorb the energy of the impact, thus avoiding the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. Thanks to its technical specifications, REFLEX guarantees the protection of the flooring, of the material moved and, above all, the safety of the operator driving the vehicle and pedestrians.

Our polymer has also passed the most rigorous tests to be declared V0 according to international UL94 standards. It is self-extinguishing, with low fire load and does not spread flames. This makes it the perfect material with which to protect your most sensitive structures without having to worry about the risk of fire.

Our non-porous material is incredibly easy to clean with minimal effort.
Choosing MPM protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient working environment. MPM protections prevent accidents and damage to people, shelving and machinery.

Protection of pedestrians and workers

Protection of shelves and structures

Protection of vehicles and machinery

Save maintenance, repair and replacement costs

Maximum return on the company’s infrastructure investments

The evolution of our technical polymer for outdoor use: REFLEX ALPHA

Guided by a tireless desire to improve, we have created REFLEX ALPHA, our new material dedicated to outdoor installations.

REFLEX ALPHA maintains the brilliance and intensity of our characteristic yellow colour even after prolonged exposure to high intensities of ultraviolet rays!

Direct exposure to sunlight can normally cause discolouration of any type of paint and material. After years of research, our team created REFLEX ALPHA with the specific purpose of resisting exposure to high UV intensities, while maintaining the bright colour of the protection.

This makes it the ideal material for outdoor use, maintaining the high visibility of the colour over time and the same technical characteristics that distinguish REFLEX.

Discover REFLEX ALPHA by consulting with our experts.

The technical polymer for cold temperatures: FROSTEX

To protect places where temperatures are particularly cold, the MPM Srl team has developed Frostex, our technical polymer resistant to low temperatures!

Frostex is resistant to temperatures as low as -30° and is designed to maintain the efficiency and flexibility that distinguish MPM products even in the most adverse temperature conditions.

This material is particularly suitable for use in refrigerated environments, such as warehouses or cold rooms. It is the perfect material for use in the food industry.

Discover the Cold line made with our Frostex for your refrigerated warehouses.

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