Flexible Protections

The advantages
offered by MPM

Choosing to rely on MPM Flexible Protections does not only mean choosing one of the most energetic and reliable flexible protection manufacturers on the market; it means choosing a real partner, who will be at your side for every need in the field of safety.

Every project we choose to tackle together with you stems from a shared desire to find the best solution for your specific case. Before talking about any security solution with flexible barriers, we always take the time to analyse your needs thoroughly, collecting all the data we need to offer you the safety solution that truly solves your needs.
Only then will we draw up a safety plan with our flexible protections.
Each project we follow is entirely tailor-made to meet your needs
Directly or through our dealers we will always be at your side at every stage of the project: From listening to your needs, to studying a customised solution, up to installation and much more!
We want to make sure everything is as you imagined it (or even better!)

Why choose MPM

Made in Italy

The quality and design typical of Italian manufacturing can always be felt in our flexible protections

Made with care

All our protection barriers are studied in detail by our team to perform their function in the best possible way

Made with purpose

Our protection solutions are designed to address the real challenges they can face in the most active workplaces

Why choose MPM flexible protections?


Flexibility and features

Iron vs plastic

Reflex and frostex

Tests and certifications

Zero Maintenance

Our protections, thanks to their high impact resistance, are able to absorb more impacts without necessarily having to being replaced! This minimises overall maintenance costs!

Floor-saving Solutions

MPM protectors are designed to fully absorb the kinetic energy of an impact thanks to their flexibility, protecting the fixings and thus avoiding damage to the flooring.

Time-saving Solutions

Installation of MPM protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the reduced number of elements that compose them, just a few steps are enough to build a protection system suitable for every need.

Maximum Safety

With MPM solutions you prevent the closing of work areas for restoration or maintenance, preserving the structure intact even after repeated collisions.