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Refrigerated warehouses are delicate, sensitive and complex environments. To protect them, flexible protections are needed to meet the unique challenges that similar premises present.

Our main line of protections for refrigerated rooms is made with an innovative material called Frostex. This material is specially designed to maintain its optimal performance even at extremely cold temperatures, as low as -30 °C.

Refrigeration solutions

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Flexibility at low temperatures

MPM protections are specifically designed to adapt to the extremely low temperature conditions of refrigerated environments. The Frostex material allows the protections to absorb shocks and effectively protect structures and equipment even at very cold temperatures.

Resistance to dirt and bacteria

COLD LINE’s protections for refrigerated environments are equipped with a hermetic structure and are made of a non-porous material. These characteristics make it possible to avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust or bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment. The ease of cleaning and maintenance of MPM protections helps maintain a high standard of hygiene in your refrigerated areas. Our material is considered “food-safe” according to current regulations.

Easy assembly and installation

Refrigerated warehouse protections are designed for easy assembly and installation. Thanks to their modular and intuitive design, the guards can be quickly assembled and adapted to the different configurations of your refrigerated areas. This saves you time and effort in installation and allows you to start benefiting from the protection immediately.

Reduction of maintenance costs

The flexible protections of the COLD LINE require minimal maintenance over time. The Frostex material is resistant to wear and abrasion, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This results in a significant reduction in long-term maintenance costs.

Direction of traffic

MPM protections not only provide physical protection, but are also effective in the direction of traffic within your refrigerated warehouses. Thanks to their visually distinctive design, the protections act as a visual element for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, improving the fluidity and safety of movement within the refrigerated environment.

To protect your refrigerated environments we don’t merely offer Cold Line protections.

Directing traffic and reducing the risk of impacts can also be implemented through some of our most popular and requested protections in Reflex. Find out which of our safety solutions best suits your needs!

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