Flexible protection

Why should you choose
Flexible Protections? ​

Unlike the different types of protections that can be used to secure work areas, warehouses and pedestrian areas, technical polymer protections have a significant advantage: flexibility!

They are designed to absorb shocks and protect the integrity of the surrounding structures, flooring, machinery and, above all, the people involved!

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All MPM security solutions are designed to excel, whatever their purpose.
First of all, before creating any product we ask ourselves: is this really what is needed?

We believe that every product must face and solve the real problems that arise daily. To achieve this, each product is meticulously studied and designed by our team of experts who have specialised in the study of plastics for almost 40 years.

After careful design, the prototype is extensively and meticulously tested and, only after passing these rigorous checks, is it approved.

Every element of our system of security solutions has its own precise purpose and in achieving it is not limited to it simply working, but it also must excel.


The innovative design of MPM industrial protections is compact and functional: it makes it possible to minimise the overall dimensions and the safety distance, leaving the areas of passage of vehicles and people free, and guarantees an easy and intuitive installation, reducing time and costs.


The special shape of the MPM flexible guards offers a large flat impact surface capable of blocking forks and pallets. The arched structure is extremely robust and guarantees maximum resistance to impacts of different capacities.


Thanks to the special shape and density of the material, MPM protections are more compact and can be installed close to the elements to be protected, leaving more space for passage corridors.


MPM protection solutions are perfectly modular. The length of the barriers can be extended or shortened in both directions even after installation. Additionally, the GENIUS system guarantees a high level of customisation, directly on site.


Installation of MPM protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the reduced number of elements that compose them, just a few steps are enough to build a protection system suitable for every need.


MPM protections are made with a 100% recyclable polymer. Their production and eventual disposal leaves a smaller carbon footprint than steel barriers.

HIGH Visibility

Our flexible protections are made of a pigmented material at the origin and for this reason, thanks to their recognisable bright yellow, they guarantee maximum visibility and safety. The protectors are also available in dark grey and can be customised with the Clip accessory.

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