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we are all carefully monitoring the spreading of COVID-19 all around the world. For this reason, our team actively implements all the measures to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and business partners, as requested by the competent authorities.

We want to assure all our valued customers that MPM team is here, ready to offer support and assistance. Our offices are now on smart working, receiving your orders and providing technical and business consultancy for your projects, with all available resources. Warehouses are operational and the Logistic department can ship goods.

For inspections and installations, do not hesitate to contact us! M.P.M. and the entire sales network can provide the necessary assistance even at a distance, offering you the best solution according to your needs. If it is not possible to access the construction site, we will support you through video calls, instructions and data sheets.

Our regular activity is still subject to the restrictions of safety measures, but our attention focuses on guaranteeing you the best service during this difficult moment and when your construction sites will reopen again.  

Even if we have to keep distances, we are always by your side
M.P.M. team


In just three days, MECSPE, the exhibition dedicated to the manufacturing and 4.0 industry, was successful again!

The desire to return exhibiting at the fair can also be found in the record numbers reached by this 19th edition, held at BolognaFiere for the first time, which brought together more than 48.000 professionals of the field.

MPM introduced different solutions and exposed some new products like the MINI HUG TOWER, a compact custom column protection without fixing accessories. In addition, our WARNING BAR/LIGHT & SOUND was very successful: a new system protection designed to prevent forklifts collisions with overhead infrastructures or doorjambs.

Great satisfaction for the results obtained, for new important contacts found and for welcoming our consolidated customers.

As always, MECSPE represents not only an appointment between professionals but also a national reference point for industrial innovation!

Road to…MECSPE 2022!


Muletti Dappertutto – one of the most important magazine dedicated to the forklift world – released a special edition in which they talk about our MPM industrial protections.

Which is the best way to protect the working areas, the employees and the forklifts? MPM will meet all these needs.

You can check out MPM New 2020 products by reading this article. In particular, the article presents BFlex, our new safety barrier which is more resistant to shocks thanks to its double profile! You can download here the pdf of the magazine nr.1-2020. You will find us at page 29 :

Hope you enjoy the reading!



Among the various characteristics of REFLEX is that of self-extinguishing, which determines the V0 classification of our material according to the UL94 standard. In order to confirm this property, we had the REFLEX material tested by a third party, namely UL INTERNATIONAL itself, which performed the tests at the UL laboratory in Krefeld, Germany. The REFLEX was awarded the V0 rating, which is actually the highest achievable according to the UL V method.

What is class V0 and what does the test involve?

UL 94 is a flammability standard for plastics developed by UL – “Underwriters Laboratory” – which measures the fire behaviour of a material when exposed to flame. 

Specifically, the test involves placing the specimen in a vertical position using a clamp; then a flame is applied to the lower end of the specimen for 10 seconds.

The material is classified as V0 if it self-extinguishes within 10 seconds and does not show any flaming droplets.

The V0 rating is currently the best achievable, followed in order by grades V1 and V2.  Polymers such as PP and PE are even of class HB (Horizontal Burning), therefore 3 categories lower than REFLEX.

Unlike HB class polymers, RFELEX does not spread flames, thus helping to contain the fire.


The end cup GRT 150 used for vertical posts with diameter 150mm,  changed design with a more attractive and remarkable bicolor surface.
Find it on our range for forklifts and heavy loads!
A brand new design & high performance for your flexible protection!



A few days ago MPM concluded the SALT SPRAY AND SALT FOG TEST, performed by a certification institution called Motivex Lab – an accredited test laboratory based in Avigliana (Turin, North Italy): here our galvanized and varnished FIX P 90 and FIX P 150 plates have reached and overcame 7000 hours of testing – which corresponds approximately to 70 years of life – without showing irreparable signs of corrosion!

The Salt Spray and Salt Fog Test is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack on coated samples in order to predict their resistance to weather conditions and their suitability for use as a protective finish over time.

The test has been performed according to the norm of reference: UNI EN ISO 9227: 2017 (NSS).

That’s why our protections are the perfect ally for making challenging workspaces safe in the long-term!


MPM protective systems are made of REFLEX material, an extra-resistant, flexible and scratch-proof technopolymer that does not fear dirt and impacts.

REFLEX is a naturally self-extinguishing polymer and does not contribute to spread the fire. Furthermore, if exposed to intense sources of heat or surrounded by open flames, REFLEX releases no fiery drops that contribute to spreading the flames.  This also makes REFLEX a more performing and safer choice than any other plastic material.

Due to its molecular structure, REFLEX appears as a smooth material to the touch, which facilitates the cleaning process without requiring the use of special chemical detergents.

REFLEX is highly performing, even outside, thanks to its excellent mechanical properties that remain unchanged when exposed to UV rays or the weather.

Selected, studied and tested by MPM research and development department, the REFLEX material reaches the parameters of excellence that set it apart. Compared with other plastics, it guarantees greater durability and a smaller footprint thanks to its high molecular density and homogeneous impact distribution.


MPM presents the most resistant bollard in the world!

GRD200 has successfully passed all the impact tests and it is the first and only protective bollard made of technopolymer that resists impact up to 9365 JOULES !

What’s the secret?

•  Its external structure is very strong and it has an octagonal shape that allows it to resist impacts from every direction.

•  Its internal structure has soft bumpers.

•  It is fixed to the floor with a special shock absorber pad  that ensures higher resistance and flexibility.

All these features make GRD200 unique!

MPM and trade fairs: come visit us at Mecspe and SITL

March, as we all know, is a particularly important month for every company, especially due to the significant presence of numerous industry fairs. These are truly important moments in which all market parties can meet, discuss with each other and discover the latest news in their fields.

Once again this year, us at MPM Srl will not miss two of the most important European events in the logistics industry:


• Mecspe

Trade fairs SITL

Transport and Logistics Fair: SITL

SITL is one of the major events in the logistics and transportation industry, bringing together the leading European and international experts in these fields. This is a special year for SITL, with this prestigious gathering celebrating its 40th anniversary!

The fair, which will take place in Paris from the 28th until the 30th of March, is one of the most renowned events for anyone interested in seeing a glimpse of what the future of goods transport, space management, and material handling holds.

Just like every year, MPM Srl will be present at this unmissable event and we will be ready to welcome you with open arms at our booth to explore your needs and help you find the right safety solutions for you.

You will find us at booth D017, in Hall 1.

Don’t hesitate to come and visit us!



Among the most relevant industry trade shows in the Made in Italy manufacturing and industrial landscape, MECSPE stands out, being a reference point and meeting place for the global industry for over 21 editions.

This year, located in the Bologna Fair area from the 29th to the 31st March, the fair is dedicated to the theme of 4.0 growth.

A development that, quoting the words of the organizers, must be focused on the concepts of training, digitization and sustainability to face the modern challenges that technological, social and ideological developments pose to us.

The 13 exhibition areas of the fair have been designed to offer a synergetic experience, aimed at discovering the most relevant aspects in the world of the 4.0 industry.

You will find MPM in the Logistics area, Hall 29 Booth C13.

We look forward to seeing you at Sitl and MECSPE to show you all the latest innovations that MPM Srl has devised to make your warehouse and factory safer!

Keep browsing our website to learn more.


REFLEX is the material used for MPM solutions. Thanks to the properties that distinguish it as a resistant and waterproof polymer, it is one of the most effective plastics in the protection and safeguard of working areas and in logistics and intra-logistics.

Able to pass durability, flexibility and shock absorption tests, REFLEX is designed to protect people, doors, machinery and structures from possible impacts, guaranteeing optimal performance.

 With high dynamic capacity and energy absorption to impacts, REFLEX barriers prove to be an excellent choice for the safety of all those areas at risk of collision. Due to its technical specifications, the material is a guarantee in terms of performance and maintenance.

 Compared with most plastics used for the protection of working environments, REFLEX ensures a high level of visibility, minimum encumbrance and durability.


M E T R O, leader in the wholesale and food industry, chose us as a partner for the development of solutions to protect its new logistics hub.

After a careful study of the project, the intended use of environments and the movement of vehicles and goods, we identified the critical areas to protect. MPM has therefore provided a complete s o l u t i o n to safeguard walls and panels of cold rooms, protruding corners, doors and loading bays through a series of targeted interventions.

Guard Rails impact profiles to protect the walls; Kerb, easily washable and hygienic; shock-proof bollards to protect doors and protruding corners of cold rooms and shock-proof profiles to protect panels and walls in environments with negative temperatures.

MPM: Transforming Safety and Efficiency at Logis-Tech Tokyo “INNOVATION EXPO”

MPM is set to shine at Logis-Tech Tokyo “INNOVATION EXPO,” where innovation and safety converge. We’re leaders in designing flexible industrial protections that redefine workspaces, ensuring safety for vehicles, goods, and people while optimizing efficiency.

At MPM, we’ve elevated safety into an art form. Our adaptable solutions not only safeguard workers but also cut infrastructure and machinery maintenance costs. We’re more than manufacturers; we’re creators of secure environments.

As we take center stage, our booth becomes a haven of innovative protections. These aren’t just barriers; they’re gateways to cost savings and worker well-being. With sleek designs and robust engineering, our solutions transcend conventional limits.

logistech logo

Logis-Tech Tokyo “INNOVATION EXPO” isn’t just an event; it’s where minds unite for a safer, smarter future. Our presence isn’t merely about displays; it’s an opportunity to connect, inspire, and reshape safety-driven innovation.

MPM’s legacy is one of safety, innovation, and progress. Join us at Logis-Tech Tokyo “INNOVATION EXPO” as we celebrate a future where flexible protections redefine workspaces, empowering efficiency and safeguarding lives.


The TÜV SÜD certification was re-confirmed for rack protectors, 100% designed and manufactured by MPM in compliance with European standard EN 15512; the only ones with three internal shock absorbers in soft anti-shock material and available in different sizes to perfectly fit any rack.

Obtaining the TÜV SÜD certification is the confirmation of the company’s commitment to the pursuit of qualitative excellence in its products.


We are getting more and more international!

MPM is now certified as Registered Exporter – REX.

Our partners around the world will benefit from easier customs procedures to import our products.

REX certification is valid on shipments of more than 6.000 euros product valueandin trade relations with the following countries:



With GENIUS, adjusting the length of our protections has never been easier. Genius is the innovative and handy answer that guarantees the total modularity and versatility of pedestrian barriers and protections for racks and pillars

Interruptions during the installation are a source of stress and cause slowdowns in the entire logistic and intra-logistic process, GENIUS facilitates the work of the installer who can adjust and adapt the length of the barriers directly on site.

The modular solution is designed not only for installers, but also for the end user. The intuitive operation guarantees, in fact, the maximum versatility of the barriers, within everyone’s reach.

The advantages are also for retailers! Thanks to GENIUS, they can keep a stock of standard-size protections in their warehouse to promptly respond to customer needs by customizing the lengths.

Due to its peculiarities, GENIUS is the most effective and fastest tool for securing areas at risk of collision. A system that responds to the highly dynamic needs of work and logistics environments. Pedestrian barriers and other protective solutions can be moved, reused or shortened to fit perfectly into new contexts and new areas to be protected.

Contact our team for assistance and to find the right Genius model for your MPM product.


The main aim of safety barriers is to protect people, vehicles, machinery and infrastructure.

The resulting costs and benefits depend greatly on the choice of material used for the barrier.

The market currently offers common steel barriers, usually used on roads, and the innovative MPM polymer, which is much more suitable for industrial use. Let’s find out why.


Once a metal barrier has been impacted, it deforms and is no longer able to provide perfect protection. Moreover, being a rigid obstacle, it causes serious physical repercussion to the driver of a vehicle involved in an accidental impact.

MPM barriers have a very innovative and unique design, and are made of REFLEX, a very flexible technopolymer that can withstand impact from moving trucks. Their strength has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

This perfect combination makes MPM barriers an ally to increase operator safety awareness, drastically reduce the risk of collisions, and decrease accidents and injuries. This makes the work environment safer and ensures greater efficiency without downtime.   


Steel protective solutions involve high routine maintenance costs. In fact:

  • Moisture causes rusting, making them less visible and therefore hazardous to operators and loads being handled;
  • Impact permanently deforms them, so they must be replaced to ensure continued protection;
  • The material is rigid and transfers the energy to the floor, breaking the concrete, which then needs to be repaired.

MPM REFLEX barriers offer strength and flexibility, and their ability to bend and return to their original shape means they can absorb the energy from repeated impacts. This means that the energy is dissipated rather than being transferred to the ground or impacting body, so:

  • the floor is preserved undamaged;
  • vehicles are undamaged;
  • no replacement or repair costs after impact;
  • the protection remains highly visible and coloured, with no need for repainting.


Link is the first barrier in the world adjustable according to the needs of the end customer thanks to its innovative connection system. Thanks to this new patent, it is possible to secure areas with a high risk of impact by adjusting the protections according to the critical height of the areas to be protected and the type of vehicles used.

Designed by MPM research, the impact-resistant material of Link ensures maximum visibility in the workplace, ensuring high impact resistance, minimum maintenance and easy cleaning. Easy installation and versatility make Link the perfect ally for DIY protections.

LINK is the only impact barrier that guarantees impact resistance up to 36,000 Joules. For this reason LINK is suitable for airport environments and areas with heavy load handling.

MPM products want to be the answer, at a global level, for those in search of innovation and effectiveness in terms of safety. Our shockproof materials are the result of a long experience in the field of plastic extrusion. For us, quality is an inflexible element in all the processing phases of our products.

Contact the MPM team and discover LINK!


We completed the installation of the photovoltaic system of 200 kWp in our new company’s plant!

We know our responsibility towards our planet and towards present and future generations.

We believe in a sustainable future and for this reason we decided to encourage the production of energy from renewable sources.

…and our #GREEN mission continues!