4 July 2019 | News


Industrial protections

MPM protective systems are made of REFLEX material, an extra-resistant, flexible and scratch-proof technopolymer that does not fear dirt and impacts.

REFLEX is a naturally self-extinguishing polymer and does not contribute to spread the fire. Furthermore, if exposed to intense sources of heat or surrounded by open flames, REFLEX releases no fiery drops that contribute to spreading the flames.  This also makes REFLEX a more performing and safer choice than any other plastic material.

Due to its molecular structure, REFLEX appears as a smooth material to the touch, which facilitates the cleaning process without requiring the use of special chemical detergents.

REFLEX is highly performing, even outside, thanks to its excellent mechanical properties that remain unchanged when exposed to UV rays or the weather.

Selected, studied and tested by MPM research and development department, the REFLEX material reaches the parameters of excellence that set it apart. Compared with other plastics, it guarantees greater durability and a smaller footprint thanks to its high molecular density and homogeneous impact distribution.