4 July 2019 | News


Industrial protections

With GENIUS, adjusting the length of our protections has never been easier. Genius is the innovative and handy answer that guarantees the total modularity and versatility of pedestrian barriers and protections for racks and pillars

Interruptions during the installation are a source of stress and cause slowdowns in the entire logistic and intra-logistic process, GENIUS facilitates the work of the installer who can adjust and adapt the length of the barriers directly on site.

The modular solution is designed not only for installers, but also for the end user. The intuitive operation guarantees, in fact, the maximum versatility of the barriers, within everyone’s reach.

The advantages are also for retailers! Thanks to GENIUS, they can keep a stock of standard-size protections in their warehouse to promptly respond to customer needs by customizing the lengths.

Due to its peculiarities, GENIUS is the most effective and fastest tool for securing areas at risk of collision. A system that responds to the highly dynamic needs of work and logistics environments. Pedestrian barriers and other protective solutions can be moved, reused or shortened to fit perfectly into new contexts and new areas to be protected.

Contact our team for assistance and to find the right Genius model for your MPM product.