MPM product warranty

MPM guarantees the product supplied in accordance with articles 1490 and following of the Italian Civil Code.

The warranty lasts twenty-four (24) months and starts from the date of delivery of the goods. The warranty consists of free repair and/or replacement of the defective part. The transport costs of the product shall be borne by the Buyer.

The Buyer loses the warranty if he does not report the hidden defects within eight days of their discovery. For obvious defects, the reporting period starts from the delivery of the goods. The complaint must be made in writing (registered letter or certified e-mail).

MPM reserves the right to ascertain the existence of the defect and the right to replace the entire product supplied.

The warranty does not apply: to parts damaged during transport, to damages caused by accident, impact, inexperience in use, improper or unauthorized use, unauthorized modifications or repairs of tampering, lack of proper maintenance, normal wear and tear and deterioration due to atmospheric and environmental agents, both in colors and materials.

The warranty will be considered valid only if, according to MPM’s discretional evaluation, all the assembly, installation and use rules of the supplied product, as defined in the technical catalogue on the company website (, are respected.

If MPM has carried out the installation, the Buyer will lose the warranty if interventions by unauthorized third parties take place after the installation itself.

Before buying and installing MPM solutions, please consult the technical data sheet of each product in the technical catalogue available on

The photos shown in the catalogues and on the company websites are for advertising purposes only and do not represent in any way how the products are used.

Impact resistance and manufacturing tolerances

Impact resistances indicated in the brochure, or in other documents, refer to laboratory tests and cannot take into account consequences determined by installation methods or peculiarities of the place where the products are installed (in an operational environment vehicle type, speed and mass, routes, angles of impact, ground and anchorage are variable and uncontrolled conditions that no test can replicate).

The data refers to an intact product which length is indicated on the test report and it can be affected by alterations from incorrect maintenance, wear and tear, as well as the methods and characteristics of installation (with specific reference to floor-mounted products); the weight, dimensions, colors and characteristics of the material refer to the sample and the conformity with the latter of the product supplied will be subject to normal production tolerance. The product may be affected by environmental installation conditions.

The warranty does not apply in the case of direct installation on asphalt without foundation plinths. Due to the particular nature and variety of this flooring, it is not possible to guarantee the impact resistance.

Limits of liability

The maximum compensation under this guarantee shall not exceed the amount paid by the customer for the purchase of the product in dispute, and damages for image, loss of business and contracts, revenues, etc. are excluded from the compensation itself.

Temperature range

The standard operating temperature of MPM flexible protections is generally from +5 °C to +60 °C. For installations in low temperature environments up to -30 °C an alternative material should be required.


The fastness of the color and its brightness depend on wear and tear and weather conditions that can affect its intensity over time. For outdoor applications exposed to direct sunlight it is possible to choose the grey color.