Steel vs plastic

Steel vs plastic


The unexpected is always lurking; Especially when there are moving loads or there is high vehicular traffic.

A small calculation error, a quick distraction and a thousand other reasons can be the cause of an accident that can compromise the safety of the people involved, but also the integrity of the machinery and nearby infrastructure.
Fortunately, it is now common practice to secure warehouses and transit areas with appropriate protections. Every company, small or large, sooner or later has to deal with the choice of which protections to use to secure its facilities. Initially, out of habit and familiarity, the choice of industrial iron protections could come naturally.

Yet there is a more suitable solution!

protezioni flessibili

Steel Protections

The best known, most common and widespread solution for protecting warehouses, but is it the best one?

Protections in metal are rigid and transfer the energy of the impact to the ground. This may not seem so significant until you take into account that:

  • The deformation after a collision is permanent and the entire protection must be replaced to maintain its effectiveness;
  • There is a need for more maintenance, as the material rusts and requires periodic repainting;
  • The rigid structure of these protections causes a strong backlash on the driver and damages the vehicles in the event of an impact;
  • The kinetic energy of a shock is not dissipated properly, causing the protection and flooring to break;

Polymer Protections

The MPM barriers in Reflex, Reflex Alpha and Frostex polymer guarantee resistance and flexibility over time.

Compared to less advanced protections in metal:

  • The protections created with our special polymer are designed to flex and absorb any shock, returning to their original shape;
  • The kinetic energy is not transferred to the operator and the vehicle, but dissipated without collateral damage. This gives our barriers the ability to withstand more shocks;
  • Flexible barriers save the flooring, preventing the breakage of fixings, and safeguard the protected areas from damage;
  • Its distinctive bright yellow colour gives the protection high visibility over time, without the need for repainting.

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Flexibility and features

Flexible protection

Why should you choose
Flexible Protections? ​

Unlike the different types of protections that can be used to secure work areas, warehouses and pedestrian areas, technical polymer protections have a significant advantage: flexibility!

They are designed to absorb shocks and protect the integrity of the surrounding structures, flooring, machinery and, above all, the people involved!

flexible protections mpm


All MPM security solutions are designed to excel, whatever their purpose.
First of all, before creating any product we ask ourselves: is this really what is needed?

We believe that every product must face and solve the real problems that arise daily. To achieve this, each product is meticulously studied and designed by our team of experts who have specialised in the study of plastics for almost 40 years.

After careful design, the prototype is extensively and meticulously tested and, only after passing these rigorous checks, is it approved.

Every element of our system of security solutions has its own precise purpose and in achieving it is not limited to it simply working, but it also must excel.


The innovative design of MPM industrial protections is compact and functional: it makes it possible to minimise the overall dimensions and the safety distance, leaving the areas of passage of vehicles and people free, and guarantees an easy and intuitive installation, reducing time and costs.


The special shape of the MPM flexible guards offers a large flat impact surface capable of blocking forks and pallets. The arched structure is extremely robust and guarantees maximum resistance to impacts of different capacities.


Thanks to the special shape and density of the material, MPM protections are more compact and can be installed close to the elements to be protected, leaving more space for passage corridors.


MPM protection solutions are perfectly modular. The length of the barriers can be extended or shortened in both directions even after installation. Additionally, the GENIUS system guarantees a high level of customisation, directly on site.


Installation of MPM protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the reduced number of elements that compose them, just a few steps are enough to build a protection system suitable for every need.


MPM protections are made with a 100% recyclable polymer. Their production and eventual disposal leaves a smaller carbon footprint than steel barriers.

HIGH Visibility

Our flexible protections are made of a pigmented material at the origin and for this reason, thanks to their recognisable bright yellow, they guarantee maximum visibility and safety. The protectors are also available in dark grey and can be customised with the Clip accessory.

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Tests and certifications

Tests and certifications

We earn your trust
with facts

MPM safety systems guarantee the reduction of the risk of injury and damage with their installation. To ensure that each protection installed guarantees only excellent results, we subject them to the most rigorous internal tests and use external bodies for further confirmations and certifications.

We are committed to ensuring that all our products live up to the strictest scrutiny and are able to meet the toughest challenges. You can sleep soundly, knowing that you have chosen a truly effective solution to protect the health of people and the integrity of the facilities in your business.

With MPM there is no worry or stress, only safety guaranteed by the most authoritative sources.

mpm safety barriers

We are UNI Partners

Thanks to the more than 200 crash-tests that we carry out every month and through international certification bodies, we guarantee excellent performance in terms of impact resistance and durability of our safety solutions.

Our test area and analysis method follow the indications dictated by the UNI/TS 11886-1 technical specification, which makes them updated to the most excellent, reliable and inclusive of European quality standards.


As a technical specification aimed at regulating the use and choice of physical protections that are used in a workplace, it represents the culmination of years of experience and research.

It was born from the joining of all the major players in the safety market, including us at M.P.M, as a meeting point of all the practices and regulations that, if applied, can make the workplace safer.

It is the result of years and years of research

It is the result of years and years of research and experience of the entire flexible protection sector and provides a rigorous technical and legislative reference standard.

UNI 11886 represents the true culmination of knowledge in the field of workplace safety.

Our adherence to UNI/TS 11886-1 and UNI/TR 11886-2 is the basis of our mission. We want to create safer workplaces, where workers are free to operate without risk to their safety and to do so, we rely exclusively on the highest quality standards and the most meticulous testing methods.

When it comes to safety in the workplace, no control is excessive, no verification is superfluous and no precaution is without merit. For this reason, our products, in addition to being certified according to the specifications dictated by the latest UNI technical guidelines.

The impact resistance performance of our products is always put to the test with a scrupulous series of internal tests and only the products that pass them with full marks are confirmed and proposed to our partners.

Fire Resistance - V0

Our REFLEX technical polymer is a self-extinguishing material, with V0 classification, which is the highest achievable according to the UL V method. Unlike HB class polymers, the REFLEX polymer does not propagate flames, thus helping to contain the fire. For this reason, MPM protections do not affect the calculation of the fire load when starting an industrial activity.

Reflex stops burning after a few seconds from the removal of the flame, without releasing droplets that can propagate the fire. In addition, it reaches the reaction to fire class B-S1-D0 according to the European standard EN 13501, which means that it is a combustible but non-flammable material.

Compared to normal plastic materials, our Reflex has a much lower fire load and heat release.

MPM barriers protect you in all eventualities!

Salinity resistance

The most technological, flexible and durable protection is only effective if it is placed on a solid foundation.

Our painted and galvanised plates have passed the 7,000 hours of Salt Spray Test carried out by the certifying body Motivex Lab.

They are estimated as having about 70 years of life in environments with adverse conditions.
The plates passed the test without showing irreparable signs of corrosion.

This makes them extremely resistant to all chemical and environmental agents that threaten to compromise their stability and integrity.

Our plates remain effective and intact over time, always ready to withstand the impact on our barriers.

Resistance to UV rays

Our REFLEX ALPHA material has the same technical specifications as its “big brother” Reflex, such as impact resistance and load-bearing capacity, however it has been designed for use in outdoor areas.

The composition of this material makes it more resistant to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and weathering. Its bright colour and structure are therefore much more resistant to bad weather and direct exposure to the sun.

By installing Reflex Alpha you will no longer have to fear the risk of discolouration even after long periods of exposure!

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Reflex and frostex

Reflex and frostex


Our industrial safety systems are meticulously designed to prevent possible accidents and protect structures, machinery, environments and people.

Every part is studied in detail, starting from the composition of the material.


Flexible protections in technical polymer: REFLEX

REFLEX is a technopolymer with a unique blend, designed and stored in our Research and Innovation laboratory by a team of experts with forty years of experience in the field of plastic materials.

Thanks to its particular molecular density, REFLEX distributes energy over the entire length of the protection that flexes and returns to its original shape. 

The excellent properties of the material allow the protections to absorb the energy of the impact, thus avoiding the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement. Thanks to its technical specifications, REFLEX guarantees the protection of the flooring, of the material moved and, above all, the safety of the operator driving the vehicle and pedestrians.

Our polymer has also passed the most rigorous tests to be declared V0 according to international UL94 standards. It is self-extinguishing, with low fire load and does not spread flames. This makes it the perfect material with which to protect your most sensitive structures without having to worry about the risk of fire.

Our non-porous material is incredibly easy to clean with minimal effort.
Choosing MPM protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient working environment. MPM protections prevent accidents and damage to people, shelving and machinery.

Protection of pedestrians and workers

Protection of shelves and structures

Protection of vehicles and machinery

Save maintenance, repair and replacement costs

Maximum return on the company’s infrastructure investments

The evolution of our technical polymer for outdoor use: REFLEX ALPHA

Guided by a tireless desire to improve, we have created REFLEX ALPHA, our new material dedicated to outdoor installations.

REFLEX ALPHA maintains the brilliance and intensity of our characteristic yellow colour even after prolonged exposure to high intensities of ultraviolet rays!

Direct exposure to sunlight can normally cause discolouration of any type of paint and material. After years of research, our team created REFLEX ALPHA with the specific purpose of resisting exposure to high UV intensities, while maintaining the bright colour of the protection.

This makes it the ideal material for outdoor use, maintaining the high visibility of the colour over time and the same technical characteristics that distinguish REFLEX.

Discover REFLEX ALPHA by consulting with our experts.

The technical polymer for cold temperatures: FROSTEX

To protect places where temperatures are particularly cold, the MPM Srl team has developed Frostex, our technical polymer resistant to low temperatures!

Frostex is resistant to temperatures as low as -30° and is designed to maintain the efficiency and flexibility that distinguish MPM products even in the most adverse temperature conditions.

This material is particularly suitable for use in refrigerated environments, such as warehouses or cold rooms. It is the perfect material for use in the food industry.

Discover the Cold line made with our Frostex for your refrigerated warehouses.

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